Show Rosettes – customised for your event

Show Rosettes /  Competition Rosettes

Prize or Show Rosettes are synonymous with the prize giving at equestrian events, and small animal shows, with the traditionally accepted colour combinations for First place, Second Place, Third Place etc. We can provide these rosettes wiShow Rosettesth various layers, as well as any other ribbon colour combination you require. Just ask and we can offer show you a visual of how it would look.

The centres can be the traditional foil blocked centres on colour-coordinated card, with the text in the centre to suit, together with a logo if required.
Around the edge we can put the name of your event and the date.

Let us know how many tails you require, whether you want them printed with any message and what colour they need to be.
Depending on the use to which the rosettes will be put, you will probably have a preference for a particular fastening - safety pin, clip, and brooch. Again you let us know your requirements.
We can then let you have a quotation.

Your choice of event or competition.

  • Whether it's for
  • Equestrian
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Bird
  • Small Animal
  • Horticultural events

or whatever  ....................then our range of box-pleated rosettes offer the answer.

Popular range of show rosettes
Wide choice of ribbon colours
Your choice of centre - either traditionally blocked or
you can have the centre replaced with a 4 colour printed badge
Have the tail printed - no set up charge
Quick delivery
Many rosettes already held in stock
Choice of fasteningShow Rosettes
Single, Double and Triple tier

The photos illustrate the general designs available and if you need to see a sample then please let us know.

In all cases we can replace the traditional foil blocked 50mm centre with a badge, which gives the added option of a 4-colour printed centre or photograph.
We are equally able to provide the normal 'place' rosettes, and, if required, personalise them with the name of the event.

We also have the ability to custom print on the tail of any of the show rosettes - there is no set up charge - and there is just a small extra charge per rosette, which makes it economical for even just one rosette.

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